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To enjoy the simplicity of Calico wirelessly collecting your activity data, you will need a FitChip (one per user or pair of shoes), a USB receiver (one per household/workplace is usually enough) and a subscription to use them.

Read the descriptions below for more information on each and if you have any questions, contact our friendly sales team at

Calico - Monthly subscription

$6.00 for 1 month

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Calico - Quarterly subscription

$15.00 for 3 months

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Calico - Bi-annual subscription

$27.00 for 6 months

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Calico - Annual subscription

$47.00 for 12 months

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Calico Fitchip

Just Clip the Calico ActiPed on your shoe and you're ready to go! The Calico ActiPed counts every third step, and calculates the time your foot was on the floor, in 'mid-step' and how it compares to the previous three steps taken. It uses this information to calculate whether you were: Walking Running Moving (driving, sitting down etc..) The Calico ActiPed is water resistant, but is not appropriate for swimming.

USB Receiver

Family Bundle


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