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Need new underwear?

Need new underwear?

Some people go on a diet. Others go to the gym. But in Japan a more novel way of losing weight is fast gaining popularity - wearing "fat burning" underwear.

A growing number of Japanese men and women keen to lose weight are slipping into underwear which claims to burn hundreds of calories a week, simply by wearing them.

Perfect for exercise-averse food-lovers, the MXP Calorie Shaper Pa...

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Being fit makes you happier than being rich

Are you so busy trying to earn more money so you'll be happier, that you haven't got time for exercise?

If you are, you might need to rethink your priorities.

I've just read some fascinating research that found freedom and personal autonomy are more important to people's wellbeing than money.

The study looked at data from 63 countries, involving 420,599 people, that had been published by the Am...

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Going green improves your fitness

Going green improves your fitness

Just five minutes of exercise in a park, working in a backyard garden, on a nature trail, or other green space can boost mood and self-esteem, according to a new study.

The study was been published in the Journal of Environmental Science & Technology.

The researchers explain in the study that green exercise is physical activity in the presence of nature. Abundant scientific evidence shows th...

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Maintain activity to prevent weight gain

Do you find it harder to get up when it is cold, dark and possibly wet outside?

I know I do.

It's quite common for many people to let their exercise routine fall away during the winter months and for a few extra kilos to accumulate. Younger people in particular, don't notice the day-to-day difference, but they may be setting themselves up for problems later in life.

Research, and common sense, ...

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Exercise protects cells from effects of stress

Researchers form the University of California in San Francisco have reported that exercise helps to prevent, and even reverse, the effects of stress on the cells. They found that stress resulted in shorter telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes. The telomeres are a measure of the age and health of the cells.

They examined telomeres in the white blood cells, of the immune syste...

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